We a species existing on this planet seem to be evolving everyday. We play so many roles in life and there is a rich experience that we all gather every minute. We were always in awe with the fantastic learning's we have all picked up through the journey of life. We would love to believe that there is a hero in each of us and we are no less than an expert or a celebrity. "Project Njaan" is a celebration of each of us. Its a project that we hope twins all of us together and lets us unveil each of our capabilities and showcases the power house within each of us!

🧘‍♀️ Project _Njaan 🧘🏻‍♂️(Njaan in Malayalam means “I/Me”). This project is a collection of stories of every "I's and Me's" in the world.

It is as if that we were all on a treasure hunt. If we could drop hints of pathways and jewels that we picked up in this journey of life for others who are walking that path. Then it makes someone else's life much more easier.

We collect life lessons in three broad categories of Attitude, Skills and Knowledge with an aim to create a library of these life lessons which will be accessible to everyone who is need of help or a ray of hope.

Come, join us as we learn, celebrate and share life lessons!

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