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What They’re Saying

The lessons have not only helped me to engage with my students more effectively and enrich our discussions of literature and the power of stories, but I find myself drawing upon the value of gratitude as I work towards resolving conflicts with my peers, my fellow teachers. I keep returning to the notion of our shared struggles as a bond that tethers us together in order to maintain healthy perspectives as we work towards common goals.

High School English Teacher

As a wife and mother, I now aim to respond more than react. I have started and will continue to teach and discuss these concepts with my children. I think this understanding will provide them with a strong foundation for life, an appreciation and grounding for their future.


The impact has been not only in my teaching and connections to colleagues and students, both individually and as a group, but also to myself and my sense of and place in the world. It has been one of the most unexpectedly wonderful and rewarding opportunities offered at school. I can say without hesitation that CIT has changed my approach to challenges, to colleagues, and to the complex work of teaching and counseling students and colleagues.

High School Teacher

CIT strengthened my resolve to try and live a higher life and provided tools and techniques to use so that hopefully I will fall less frequently into the reactive, emotion-dictated way of living and perceiving that dominates almost all of the animal kingdom including at times some of our fellow human beings

IT Professional

I truly loved recognizing the subtle and deeper levels of ways that are important and necessary to change my behavior regarding compassionate thinking and action in my life - A peeling of the onion for deeper personal learning took place for me. This is so valuable and offers me this beautiful opportunity to "see" my core more clearly and to operate from there more often. It's like a light revealed what I knew was there but I didn't have the light before to show it to me it in all its beauty and capacity.  What a lovely gift for me and all humanity.

Online student

Life University’s CIT program is a life changer! Though I never considered myself to be a “negative” person, I didn’t realize how very biased my belief system was. As I continue to take steps to try to view the world through a lens of compassion, I can feel the beginnings of a shift in my relationships and the way I view others. I can’t recommend this class enough to anyone who wants to improve their worldview and de-stress their inner selves.”


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