Compassionate Integrity Training

By Project Njaan

New Batch Starting on 29th May 

Please take a moment to reflect on these questions before you proceed further.


When was the last time you lost your cool?


When was the last time your angry thoughts went growing from one to another like a wildfire?


Did you get overwhelmed with emotions when you were sitting at home thinking about random events?

How strongly do you think that emotional train ride has affected your health?


Do you think that people at work take a ride over you because you are a kind person?

Do you find it difficult to accept yourself just the way you are?

Does any of the answers for the questions above make you think you need to do something about it?

Do you want to learn some skills that will help you in your most difficult times to bring you back into your resilience?

The answer that you are searching for is

Compassionate Integrity Training

I'm Krupalini N Swamy, the founder of Project Njaan, an organization set up to celebrate every individual's life, his/her/their lessons, and Common Humanity. a passionate Educator. I firmly believe that kindness, empathy, and compassion are the solution to most/all problems in our world today. I envision instilling compassion more strongly amongst individuals and communities from the grass-root level.


I serve as the Mentor for Change for NITI Aayog, India. I'm also a UNESCO World Youth Leader on Kindness and have represented India. I have been working with people and organizations across India, USA, Japan, Singapore, Kenya and Australia.

The program starts on 29th May 2021, for ten weeks.

The sessions are scheduled from 6.30pm to 8.30pm IST on Saturdays, online on Zoom Video Conferencing.

This is an opportunity to be part of a global community of like-minded individuals who want to learn more about self-cultivation, relating to others, and engaging in systems.

If you are passionate about making yourselves more compassionate for yourself and the world.

WAIT NO MORE!!  Join our program NOW!!

Please note that this program is not pro-bono. We will be charging ₹9999 towards operational and facilitation expenses. How ever we do have few seats at discounted rates for special categories. Please contact us for details on these discounts.

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About CIT Course

It's a multi-part training program cultivating fundamental human values to increase individual, social and environmental flourishing. By covering a range of skills from self-regulation and self-compassion to compassion for others and engagement with complex systems, CIT focuses on and builds toward compassionate integrity: the ability to live one's life in accordance with one's values with a recognition of common humanity, our fundamental orientation to kindness and reciprocity. I firmly believe that this is the tool that will aid in bringing my dream to reality.

Each module utilizes a “three-in-three” educational model that integrates three domains of knowledge and three levels of understanding. The three domains begin with a focus on the self (Self-Cultivation), then move to others (Relating to Others), and finally to a systems-perspective, meaning the larger networks we exist in (Engaging in Systems).

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Holding Hands

Life Changing Decision

Introducing CIT To Your Life Can Help You Thrive

As An Individual And Build A Healthy Society​

Unpopular opinion: Most of the ideas revolving around integrity focus on mere consistency with one's values without examining what they are…


So what's the big deal about it?


The problem is that consistency with one's values is not enough if those values promote harm to others or the world. After all we all share the same planet and rights!

At this point, it's pretty normal to ask ourselves…


"Well, how do we make sure that our beliefs are in accordance with others?"


The key is Compassionate Integrity.


Unlike some definitions of integrity, compassionate integrity insists that we must examine what our values are and make sure they are compatible with the community.


Compassionate integrity is what guards against actions that compromise the wellbeing of oneself and others. Cultivating it in one's life and in one's community directly impacts individual and collective flourishing. It teaches essential skills like empathy, mindfulness, kindness, and compassion to prepare to contribute towards the development of peaceful and sustainable societies. It is important to maintain and increase consistency with these values that promote one's own and other's welfare. By learning them, we achieve peace of mind, become more emotionally aware and remember to be compassionate to ourselves and the world.


What those specific values are to us and how we understand them is arrived at by investigating and examining things by common sense, experiences, and science.


But is it possible to achieve this all alone?

Remember, together is always a better place to be!! It's not something that's a result of wishful thinking or force of will but rather achieved by building up knowledge, understanding, and a set of concrete skills together with help and guidance.

Program Features

The CIT Program by Project Njaan is delivered over a course of ten weeks. Each week will be dedicated to one skill as mentioned below.

Series I: Self-Cultivation

Skill 1: Calming Body and Mind

Skill 2: Ethical Mindfulness

Skill 3: Emotional Awareness

Skill 4: Self Compassion

It covers how one relates to oneself and the knowledge and skills related to the inner life of the individual. This begins with the ability to self-regulate one’s body and emotions and then moves on to include self-compassion and inner qualities like courage, fortitude, forbearance, and the identification of one’s values.


Series II: Relating to Others

Skill 5: Impartiality and Common Humanity

Skill 6: Forgiveness and Gratitude

Skill 7: Empathic Concern

Skill 8: Compassion


It covers how one relates to others constructively and in a way that promotes one’s own and others’ wellbeing. Built on the foundation of self-regulation and restraint from harming others involve strengthening the prosocial skills of forgiveness, gratitude, impartiality, empathy, and compassion.


Series III: Engaging in Systems

Skill 09: Appreciating Interdependence

Skill 10: Engaging with Discernment

It covers how one engages compassionately and with integrity as a participant in complex systems. This involves recognizing our interdependence and the interdependence of systems, which can be as small as our family or local community, or as vast as the world, and developing the skills and discernment to act effectively for constructive change within those systems.



The lessons have not only helped me to engage with my students more effectively and enrich our discussions of literature and the power of stories, but I find myself drawing upon the value of gratitude as I work towards resolving conflicts with my peers, my fellow teachers. I keep returning to the notion of our shared struggles as a bond that tethers us together in order to maintain healthy perspectives as we work towards common goals.

High School English Teacher

As a wife and mother, I now aim to respond more than react. I have started and will continue to teach and discuss these concepts with my children. I think this understanding will provide them with a strong foundation for life, an appreciation and grounding for their future.


The impact has been not only in my teaching and connections to colleagues and students, both individually and as a group, but also to myself and my sense of and place in the world. It has been one of the most unexpectedly wonderful and rewarding opportunities offered at school. I can say without hesitation that CIT has changed my approach to challenges, to colleagues, and to the complex work of teaching and counseling students and colleagues.

High School Teacher

CIT strengthened my resolve to try and live a higher life and provided tools and techniques to use so that hopefully I will fall less frequently into the reactive, emotion-dictated way of living and perceiving that dominates almost all of the animal kingdom including at times some of our fellow human beings

IT Professional

I truly loved recognizing the subtle and deeper levels of ways that are important and necessary to change my behavior regarding compassionate thinking and action in my life - A peeling of the onion for deeper personal learning took place for me. This is so valuable and offers me this beautiful opportunity to "see" my core more clearly and to operate from there more often. It's like a light revealed what I knew was there but I didn't have the light before to show it to me it in all its beauty and capacity.  What a lovely gift for me and all humanity.

Online student

CIT program is a life changer! Though I never considered myself to be a “negative” person, I didn’t realize how very biased my belief system was. As I continue to take steps to try to view the world through a lens of compassion, I can feel the beginnings of a shift in my relationships and the way I view others. I can’t recommend this class enough to anyone who wants to improve their worldview and de-stress their inner selves.”