Dreams Desires and Destinies

Motivational talk about following dreams

S01E02 | Aired on 12 05 20

A Civil Service Aspirant, A Young Restauranteur, A Theatre Artist. Motivational talk about following dreams. Three people who followed their dreams. A Candid chat on following your dreams, desires of life, and destinies that await you. Second Episode of Tune In Tuesdays from Project Njaan. Live Facebook Session

Guest #004 - Prashanth S.

Prashant always wanted to serve the country and loved civil services. He chose to chase his dream and did it passionately for 6 years without looking back. Today, he shares his journey and learnings with every human who wants to pursue the same dream. He stands by aspirants as a strong wall and supports them to achieve their dream.

One tiny little dream that was sowed decades ago is now a massive forest! 

Guest #005 - Radhakrishna

RK is someone who carved a future for himself going against all odds. He is an engineer from a reputed institution who decided to give up a lucrative future only for his dream! At 22, when all his friends were joining big techie giants he decided to go back to school to pursue hotel management!

Now, he creates magic with food every day and every plate comes out of his kitchen only post his approval. He is a chef, an entrepreneur, an engineer, and a lot more.

Guest #006 - Ritesh Bhatt

Ritesh Bhat is a software engineer in one of the firms in the USA. He found his passion for theatre a little later in life. He in fact says it is only after college that he started doing it. Today, he is a proud parent, a software engineer, a fitness enthusiast and also the Famous "Ravan" of Ramlila shows staged in the US.

Ritesh believes that if you want it you can always make time! Time can never be the reason for not following one's dream

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