How does it feel being a parent during the lockdown?

S01E01 | Aired on 05 05 20

This is the first live session from Project Njaan. Three amazing parents, Nruthya Kishore, Meghna Naidu, and Abhi Hardikar having a candid discussion on parenting during the lockdown.

Guest #0001 - Meghana Naidu.

Meghana - An amazing human being, a fantastic mother, and an inspiring lady. She is a dear friend I have known for more than a decade now. There is so much to learn from this girl that she inspires me with every act. love you girl!

Guest #0002 - Nruthya Kishore

Nruthya is a new parent who is exploring everything that comes along with parenting. She enjoys every role that she takes and does it at her best. I am sure she will have a few tricks that all parents would love to hear. My eyes are moist while I introduce her. She is someone who I think goes back with me for decades and I am sure this relationship will remain till one of us turn into ashes. A friend for life! So proud to have her in my journey and I cannot miss her on this project at all.

Guest #0003 - Abhi Hardikar

I know Abhi a human that I respect for just the way he leads life. A man of his words and walks his talk in almost everything that he does. How can I talk about parenthood and not have a dog parent in the discussion? (Tony would hate me!) Our race seems to believe that only when we have a homo sapien at home ( either by birth or adoption) then we are entitled to be a "parent". I love these humans who break this myth. Abhi for me is an inspiration for just the way he has made dogs his family. Thank you for joining us Abhi.

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