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We are so proud of you that you are taking the first step towards making a difference to the race of humanity. Thank you for agreeing to be a Wisdom Donor! 

 We want you to take the next 10-15 minutes and fill out these details for us. 

We suggest that you sit in a calm space and sip over a cup of coffee and reflect on your magnanimous journey of life. Look at your life in all its glory. Take a moment to think about your happy moments, your successes, the challenges you have faced, the relationships that have defined you, and everything that has contributed to getting you here.  

Try to find a gem of a lesson for us from here. Here are a few questions that can help you in finding these gems. 

•    What did you learn from your success? 

•    How did you find hope during tough times? 
•    What did you learn from your failures/mistakes? 

•    How did you fight the biggest battle of your life? 

•    What makes you keep the smile on your face always? 

•    How did you overcome a challenge that was thrown your way? 
•    How can someone looking up to you become a person just like you?

•    What is the advice you would give your younger self if you knew what is going to unfold? 

Now, fill in these details: 

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